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By Stephen R. Harris, DDS
February 27, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

The health of your teeth is nothing to take lightly. Decay and gum disease can take a real toll on your smile, especially if left untreated. fillingsYour dentist can discreetly repair your smile with tooth-colored fillings, which blend into your natural teeth and ensure that you look and feel great. Find out more about tooth colored fillings with Dr. Stephen Harris at his practice in Farmington, MI.

Do I need a tooth-colored filling? 
A dental filling treats mild to moderate tooth decay in the stages before the decay infects the tooth’s inner pulp and nerves. A filling is one of the most common dental procedures, performed in only a few minutes and providing big results. Tooth-colored fillings use composite resin materials to replace the decayed parts of the tooth, restoring its appearance to what it was before and stopping the decay’s progress into the tooth. You may need a filling if you have a cavity, which can present as a dark spot or hole in the tooth. Normally, a painful symptom like a toothache means that the cavity is too far progressed for a filling and requires a root canal.

How can I avoid needing a filling in the first place? 
Keeping decay-causing plaque and tartar off the tooth prevents teeth decay from forming in the first place. This is possible with a simple at-home oral care routine between twice-yearly dental visits. Brush twice daily and floss between each tooth once to remove bacteria and the sticky plaque it turns into from the teeth. By keeping these decay-causing elements off the teeth, you stop decay before it starts, preventing the need for a filling at all.

Tooth Colored Fillings in Farmington, MI
If your dentist suggests a dental filling, you can rest assured knowing that you are on the right track to treating your teeth decay in its earliest stages. If left untreated, teeth decay eventually eats through the tooth into the tooth’s inner pulp chamber, infecting the soft tissues and nerves and causing pain, discomfort, or even a dental abscess.

For more information on tooth colored fillings, please contact Dr. Stephen Harris in Farmington, MI. Call (248) 478-4755 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Harris today!

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