By Stephen R. Harris, DDS
December 30, 2016
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Traditionally, orthodontic treatment meant metal braces attached to your teeth. However, Invisalign eliminates the need for metal in your mouth and cuts down on the number of times you need to see your dentist throughout treatment. Learn more about Invisalign with Dr. Stephen Harris at Advanced Dentistry in Farmington, MI.

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces
Invisalign uses plastic aligner trays to move the teeth rather than metal brackets and wires. The trays are made from sturdy, clear plastic. Invisalign is also totally removable. This important trait eliminates the need to avoid certain foods or use special floss to thread between your brackets and wires. Before eating or brushing, patients just remove their trays and perform these tasks the same way they would before braces.

Caring for Invisalign
Invisalign does not require extra steps in your oral care routine. However, all good at-home oral care routines have at least two things in common: brushing and flossing. To give your teeth the best basic care, brush them at least twice a day using a soft brush and short back and forth motions. Floss between each tooth at least once a day remembering to include the back side of your last molar. To clean your Invisalign trays, simply rinse them with water before replacing them back into your mouth.

Invisalign Treatment in Farmington
Invisalign’s laboratory uses a 3D rendering of your mouth to design your plastic aligner trays. However, before physically creating your trays, the laboratory creates a video showing how and where your teeth will move throughout the treatment process. This unique feature of Invisalign allows you to see your final results before you even start treatment. After getting you and your dentist’s approval, the laboratory will create your aligner trays and send them back to your dentist’s office. Your treatment begins when you insert the first aligner tray in the series.

For more information on Invisalign, please contact Dr. Harris at Advanced Dentistry in Farmington, MI. Call (248) 478-4755 to schedule your appointment for Invisalign today!


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