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Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

There are a number of reasons why your gums might be bleeding, as you likely know. However, some reasons are more common than others. The most common reason that your gums are bleeding is gum disease. There are various different stages of gum disease depending on its severity, but it is possible for your gums to bleed even if you only have gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. However, you can also cause your gums to bleed if you brush too hard near your gum line. Stop by our location in Farmington, MI, and see how Dr. Stephen Harris, a Farmington Dentist, can help you with your gums. 

What If Your Gums Bleed When You Floss?

It is most common if your gums bleed when you are brushing your teeth. However, this isn't the only time that they can bleed. It is possible for your gums to bleed when you floss and if this happens, it is usually due to a buildup of plaque on your teeth. This buildup of plaque can make your gums sensitive and inflamed, causing them to bleed when you floss.

The best way to deal with this is to floss regularly. Your gums should bleed less frequently as you make flossing regularly a habit. You can also make your gums bleed if you floss the wrong way. You shouldn't use too much force when you floss your teeth. 

What If Your Gums Bleed Even When You're Not Brushing or Flossing?

It is possible for your gums to bleed even if you are not flossing or brushing them. As Dr. Stephen Harris, a Farmington Dentist working in Farmington, MI, would tell you, gum disease can cause your gums to become so sensitive that simply eating makes them bleed. This is more likely if you happen to be eating food that is crunchy or hard. If some food becomes stuck in your teeth, this can make your gums bleed, too. Normally, you can simply dislodge the food by flossing to solve this issue. 

When Should You Discuss Bleeding Gums with Your Dentist?

In many cases, better oral hygiene can deal with bleeding gums. However, if your bleeding gums become too serious, you should talk to your Farmington Dentist in Farmington, MI about them. If your gums bleed constantly, you are in quite a bit of pain, or one of your teeth feels like they're loose, make an appointment with your dentist immediately. They can treat the issue and make sure it doesn't become more serious. 

Bleeding gums are a fairly common reason to see a dentist. You can trust Advanced Dentistry and Dr. Stephen Harris to give you the right treatment for your gums. If you're in Farmington, MI, and you need dental care from a Farmington Dentist, stop by our practice today. You can call us to make an appointment at 248-478-4755. 

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